La visión mediática de un mundo en positivo

Who we are

What is Peace Correspondent?

Peace Correspondent is a self-sustaining and non-profit journalistic initiative founded and made up of a group of people from different professions and fields, interested in offering a different feedback from the world around us.

Those of us who form the Peace Correspondent team are convinced that today, the absence of information on conflict resolution encourages also the absence of peaceful initiatives. In Peace Correspondent, we know that whoever has the power to issue information do has the power to configure reality. Therefore, in the midst of a global context in which violence has become the daily routine, for us, the “news event” is precisely peace.

Our journalistic team knows that, while the large media corporations offer the daily image of a collapsed world, there is always and simultaneously a forgotten reality of solidarity and humanitarian stories, that defines us as humanity as well; a reality that by action or omission, the corporate media normally relegate to the last pages of their content.

Taking advantage of the growing digitalization of information, our main objective is to disseminate these examples of peaceful practices, and to demonstrate their existence and viability. We want to make visible those stories that contradicts the idea of a hostile world. We take to the front page of our website, that kind of information than, in other media, hardly reaches small spaces.

Our initiative, based on pacifist content and journalistic rigor, seeks above all to inspire, among our readers, a multiplier effect, which can promote similar actions, even in distant latitudes in the distance, but close in the experience. Because, after all, we know that, as humanity, we are more determined by our similarities than by our differences.

Getting back to the social responsibility intrinsic to the media, and with our informative task, we want to help shape a reality different from what is currently diffused by other means. For all this, our trajectory up to now confirms that, in the global range of journalistic work, Peace Correspondent comes to occupy an empty space: the media vision of a positive world.


Why we do Peace Journalism?

Journalism created the figure of war-correspondent, but, until today, the world lacked of a Peace Correspondent. Ours is a digital media whose entire content makes visible all those efforts aimed at peacefully transforming conflicts.

However, Peace Correspondent is not a “good news” website. It is a communication media with another perspective: the perspective of compassion and solution. The perspective of heart.

Based on the precepts of so-called “peace journalism”, we face the same events as daily conventional journalism, but with a new media vision: that of possibilities and creative solutions.

Resuming: Peace Correspondent is a specialized media that dedicates its space to those stories that could reinforce the many peaceful and creative practices that indeed exist in the world, and which a journalistic approach based on violence often forgets to portray.